Banting / paleo shopping

Having done the big kitchen clean-out I suddenly realised how much the contents of my cupboards have changed. Where the jams and peanut butter used to be I now have a jar of honey and a pot of almond butter. The cereals, rice and other grains have been replaced with raw almonds, tapioca flour, flax seed and some other seeds and nuts. In my tinned goods cupboard I now only have peeled, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and yes, I admit, stock concentrate. Sunflower and canola oil have been replaced with cooking olive oil and coconut oil.

The fridge is stocked with fresh vegetables and I’m grateful for my husband who decided to buy a bigger fridge. It definitely spares me a number of shopping trips a week. And thanks to a friend who supplies us with great quality Karoo lamb the freezer is stocked with tasty meat cuts.

Going shopping has taken on a new dimension. We never used to bother much with reading the labels but now we scrutinize the ingredient list before we put any item in our trolley, especially when it comes to sausages, bacon, smoked chicken and yoghurt. And oh, be especially aware if you’d like to buy marinated or spiced meat.

As I mentioned in an earlier post we have an almost 5 year old who is not following a strict paleo/banting diet. I try to choose the lesser of the evils and I’m happy knowing that at least 90% of his food is healthy, natural, sugar and additive free.

The ingredients we try to avoid are:
– Gluten
– Starch (maize, rice)
– Artificial colourants and flavourants
– Soya
– Any grains

And those we try to limit are:
– Sugar
– Potatoes / potato starch

So where do I do my shopping?
Free range eggs and poultry are readily available and if you can afford it, it’s definitely the way to go. Even better would be if you could keep your own chickens, but for most of us this will only ever be a dream.
Dis-chem in Willowbridge is my go-to place for almonds, coconut flour, flax seed, chia seed, dates and cranberries. I order my free range veldt grazed Karoo lamb from Hartebeestfontein Karoo Lamb.  And at Woolworths I stock up on 2L cooking olive oil, ostrich sausage (the only gluten free sausage available at Woolworths), salami sticks, sauerkraut, bockwurst (for the young one) and stock concentrate. The remainder of my shopping I do at our local award-winning SPAR in Malmesbury.

I hope to someday soon harvest my own vegetables, but establishing the vegetable garden is my current challenge – I am not a green thumb! And while I wait for the first autumn rains to help me prepare the soil for my garden I’ll share with you my favourite recipe for 5-ingredients- mayonnaise.

Paleo mayonnaise
You will need:
1 Egg
15 ml Apple cider vinegar
5 ml Dijon mustard
Pinch of salt
Cooking or light taste olive oil

Break the egg into the beaker of the stick blender. Add the vinegar, mustard and salt. Pour in olive oil until it measures 300 ml on the beaker. Blend until thick and creamy. Store in the refrigerator and use within 4-5 days.

IMG_0001_1 IMG_0002 IMG_0003

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2 Responses to Banting / paleo shopping

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! I love in PMB & your shopping advice is really helpful. Are you on FB? It would be great to get recipe updates & inspiration. Also, you never mentioned the reason you are following this way of life & weight loss experience. Thanks. Lorraine.

    • Hi Lorraine
      Thank you for the feedback, and apologies for not replying sooner.
      I don’t have a facebook page, but will post some of my favourite recipes in this blog. It is great to share ideas and recipes and to offer some kind of support. I’m also grateful for some!

      Our change in lifestyle was brought about by a number of factors. I struggled more and more with a bloated tummy and severe cramps. My husband struggled to lose weight. He has since we started this new way of eating lost more than 30kg. It was also in round about this time that my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. It think this unfortunate event was what really opened our eyes to the food we consumed.
      If you’d like to read more about it you can click this link:
      I wrote about it in one of my earlier blogs.

      Kind regards

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